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Our theory for the JFK assassination is that there was more shooters than just Lee Harvey Oswald. We think that he was NOT acting alone in the JFK assassination, especially because one of the Dallas cops was shot about two blocks away soon after JFK was. Here is all of the information we have found to prove it.

Crime scene report:

Date: November 22, 1963
Arrival time: 12:30
Crime scene: Dallas, Tx. Dealey Plaza, Texas School Book Depository, and the Grassy Knoll.
Body was found: Lying in the back seat of the presidential limousine
Wounds: Bullet wounds, one on the back of the neck, and a 2nd bullet that entered into the head
Manner of death: Assassinated

1. Go to When you get to youtube, type in "Zaprauder Film". When you see results, click on the one that says " JFK Zaprauder Film Close Up". When you open it, watch how first JFK gets shot in the neck, obviously from the back. Then watch as he gets shot in the head. Doesn't it look like the bullet was shot from the side? One shooter could be behind the fence, another in the book depository building, and one shooting Tippit.

external image Pict_essay_acousticshistory_GrassyKnollFence.jpg
Grassy Knoll picket fence. (from the inside)
2. But how do we know that a shot came from the fence? We have the science to prove it. In the Zaprauder film, you see JFK holding his hands to his neck. We know that that shot came from the book depository building. But then, JFK is shot in the head. You see his wounds from the head, and they don't really match with those of the neck. The neck wounds look like they are from far away, with very little gore. But when he is shot in the head, it is very graphic, which makes it appear that the bullets came from a closer range. Also, notice how the bloodfrom the wound goes straight up, not at a slightly straight angle like it would if the shot came from the back.

3. Ruby shot JFK?
What if Ruby shot JFK? Ruby could have been the shooter of the Grassy Knoll, then shooting Oswald to cover up the possibility that it was him.

Tippit could have shot JFK, with Oswald shooting Tippit as a way of revenge for shooting our 35th U.S. president. The only proof the government has is that Oswald was in possesion of the gun that shot J.D. Tippit. Either that, or just that Tippit was in the wrong place at the wrong time. There still is a little shred of possibility that Tippit could have not only been the second shooter, but also could have been the shooter in the book depository that was shot about an hour and a half after John F. Kennedy was pronounced dead at the local Dallas hospital.

5. Multiple shooter possibilities?
Most people believe in the multiple shooter theory because it is a mix of most of the other theories. A theory like the Umbrella Man is technically a multiple shooter theory but in more detail of the identity of the second shooter. Think of your theories. Don't they connect with ours?

So basically our theory is that Oswald and Ruby were involved with the murder of JFK, with possibly J.D Tippit. We think Oswald shot Tippit because Tippit shot JFK and Ruby also shot JFK from behind the fence.

external image Jack_Ruby_mugshot.jpgexternal image Oswald.jpg
Jack Ruby & Lee Harvey Oswald's mug shots as they were taken into custody. (At separate times, of course.)
external image tippitt.jpg?w=331&h=354
A picture of J.D. Tippit.
We made a powerpoint that explains all of our information. We also made a model for the JFK shooting. We made a model of the trajectory of the bullets to show how the both couldn't have come from the back.

Our theory is that there were multiple shooters. We all agree that Oswald was one of the shooters, and Jack Ruby was as well. We include the possibility of the Umbrella Man. We could tell that there were multiple shooters because of J.D Tippit's murder and Oswald's involvement. If Oswald killed Tippit, who killed JFK? A multiple shooter. Also, the shots that were fired couldn't have all come that sixth story window. And again, the autopsy shows that the bullets did NOT all come from that angle.

Here is where we found our research. Again, watch the Zaprauder film close up. Observe the wounds and the direction JFK's head moves.
Dallas Police Department, Radio Recordings, Channels 1 & 2, November 22, 1963
ÊUnited Press International, Four Days: The Historical Record of the Death of President Kennedy, American Heritage, New York, NY, 1964
Ê Jennifer Kovach October 12, 2010
published by Fred Soto• February 29th, 2008

Remembering John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our beloved 35th president, who was assassinated on November 22, 1963.
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